Fri. Dec 13th, 2019

Palau Water continues support for conservation

Koror, Palau – Palau water donated $1,000 on November 30 to Palau Conservation Society (PCS) in support of their work to advance biodiversity conservation and sustainable resource management on the ground.

On hand to present the donation to PCS development officer Ms. Genna Saiske was Ms. Dirkedil Ulechong-Temengil.

Palau Water is a local family business owned and operated by Mr. & Mrs. Laurentino Ulechong and their children.

Palau Water is located at Lebuu St. in Dngeronger hamlet next to Mariar laundromat.

The company sells purified drinking water bottled in different sizes at very affordable price. The company also offers the service of water bottle refills for individuals and/or businesses.

Palau Water is PCS’ Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC). They are the youngest among a few other businesses that are also CPCs.  Since taking the CPC pledge in 2015, the family owned business has been consistent in renewing their support to PCS every year.

PCS continues to raise funds to support ongoing conservation initiatives throughout Palau to fulfill its vision of a “healthy ecosystems for a healthy Palau” for generations to come. The valuable contribution made from Palau Water as well as other CPCs show the importance of PCS’s conservation efforts throughout Palau. Any company or interested individuals wishing to become a corporate partner for PCS or to make a donation is highly encouraged to contact PCS Development Officer Ms. Genna Saiske at 488-3993/4716, or via email at (PR)