Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

Palau Pledge launches in Japan

The message of protecting Palau’s fragile environment for its future generations by the Palau Pledge campaign launched in Japan last week, in all media forms including social media in Japanese.

“We launched the Palau Pledge this week in print, television interviews and even social media and we have had very successful TV interviews from major news network in Japan,” reported Jennifer Koskelin-Gibbons of Palau Legacy Team with Nanae Singeo to conduct the launch.

First Lady Debbie Remengesau who is also the Palau Legacy Project Chairwoman was unable to attend the launch but sent her special remarks emphasizing the importance of working together to protect our planet.

“At this stage in our world’s history and in our humanity, the message from our ancestors of environmental stewardship is vitally important to our continued existence.  Not just as Palauans but as a global family,” urged the First Lady Remengesau in her comments.

Asked why Palau Legacy was conducting such comprehensive launch in Japan, Jennifer Koskelin-Gibbons expressed that Japan is a very important visitor market. “Japan is our highest yield market in terms of its tourism value to the Republic,” she added.

“There is still a huge potential within the Japan market as 99% of Japanese have not been to Palau or know Palau,” added Nanae Singeo answering question of whether there is a need to promote this to Japan.

President Remengesau who was interviewed by Asahi Simbun, one of biggest news company in Japan, had the reporters of the news agency sign the Palau Pledge.

The Palau Pledge campaign was launched during the PALM 8 Summit and one of the key issues addressed in the PALM 8 is Japan and Pacific island countries collaborative effort to address climate change impact.

“What is great about this is that all the issues related to climate change can be discussed under the umbrella of Palau Pledge vision,” added Koskelin-Gibbons.

Furthermore, in February this year, high profile Japanese movie star Ms. Minako Tanaka also signed the Pledge to protect Palau’s environment along with Mr. Mitsuyuki Unno, Executive Director of Nippon Foundation.

Palau Legacy Project was launched late last year to raise awareness of the importance of conservation of Palau’s environment by inviting guests to become active participants in conserving Palau’s natural and cultural resources for Palau’s future generation by signing a pledge to take responsibility for their actions and make conscious effort to tread lightly. (L.N. Reklai)