Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

Palau participates at Holiday Fair in Brussels

For the first time ever, Palau participated at this year’s Holiday Fair -Brussels: International Travel & Tourism Industry Exhibition on February 7-10.

This achievement and the massive success of Palau’s booth are accredited to the generosity of various people and entities namely, H.E. Harry Tseng, ROC Ambassador, Representative (& former ROC Ambassador to Palau 2015-2017), for the joint collaboration and cooperation between Embassy of the Republic of Palau in Brussels & Permanent Mission to the European Union (EU) and ACP Group of States; Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium & Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

The three-day event welcomed new and eager visitors to Palau’s booth and also welcomed reminiscent travel stories from individuals who have been to Palau. At the booth, Palauan representatives H.E. Jeraldine E. Tudong; newly appointed Deputy Chief of Mission & Minister-Counsellor Mr. Lindon Kohama of Palau’s Embassy & Permanent Mission, former Deputy Chief of Mission & Minister-Counsellor Mr. Kenny Reklai; Palau Visitors Authority’s (PVA) Palau International Tourism Ambassador, Ms. Ivory Vogt (Palau Citizen and Student in London, UK majoring in Tourism); and Mr. Cristian Etpison Nicolescu (Palau Citizen, Student & Member of Palau’s National Wrestling Team who flew in from Washington D.C., USA) were there to provide guests with genuine knowledge of Palau’s attractions, culture and traditions.

Palau has certainly been heavily publicized across the globe over recent years though, there still exists a considerable number of people whom have never heard of Palau. In spite of that fact, as the “new kid on the block” at the event and as the remote island that we are, Palau’s mystique instantly grasped the interest of many individuals looking for their next exotic destination. (PR)