Fri. May 29th, 2020

Palau establishes National Chemicals and Waste Task Force

photo of rock islands (VOA Learning English)

Palau has been committed to environmental protection and just recently signed off on Executive Order (EO) No.430 for the establishment of the National Chemicals and Waste Task Force (NCWTF).

President Tommy Remengesau, Jr. signed the EO on October 8 which tasked the NCWTF to come up with guidelines for sound management of chemicals, provide input on Palau’s national chemical profile along with updates on a regular basis, and give recommendations to the executive branch on chemical-related matters such as the transboundary movement of plastic.

Ensuring the protection of the environment, the sustainability of natural resources, and the well-being of the people will require the help of many different sectors in the society, the EO stated.

The Environmental Quality Protection Board will help the Task Force by appointing key representatives from private businesses, the agricultural and transportation sector, community based organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

According to the executive order, “the Republic of Palau envisions a clean and pristine island with fully established mechanisms for sustainable development to ensure the protection of our environment, the sustainability of its natural resources, and the high quality of life for our people.”(Telbakes Yano)