Sat. Dec 14th, 2019

Palau Celebrates World Judo Day

On Sunday, October 28, members of the Palau Judo Federation organized a Judo tournament and party in celebration of World Judo Day. Nineteen male and female Judokas participated in the tournament, which had 5 different weight categories. The results are as follows:

Light weight

1.Takahiro Carlson Sadamori,

2.Mayumi Brooks

  1. Louise Delos Santos
  2. Louis Delos Santos

Middle light weight

  1. Aedan Ngiralbong
  2. Garnet Aquino
  3. Joshua Krake
  4. Lyle Delos Santos

Middle weight

  1. Aron Pedro
  2. Jace Borja
  3. Odanges Ngirmekur
  4. Caling Aguon


  1. Rajah Hossain
  2. Carisma Aguon
  3. Masato Inoue
  4. Emma Tansella


  1. Malcolm Shae Gaymann
  2. Jeric JJ Borja
  3. Patrik Pedro

World Judo Day takes place on the same date every year, October 28, which is the birthday of Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo. Today, more than 40 million people practice Judo around the world on a daily basis. The International Judo Federation has 200 national member federations and 5 continental unions.

The Palau Judo Federation (PJF) wishes to thank all sponsors for their contributions and donations for this year’s World Judo Day. Special thanks to Western Caroline Trading Company (WCTC), Surangel & Sons Company, and NECO Plaza Corporation. PJF also thanks all the parents and friends who volunteered to make this year’s World Judo Day a success.