Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Palau birth rate higher than death rate

Palau’s local birth rate increased in 2018 with total of 203 births compared to 196 in 2017. Recorded number of deaths on island in 2018 was 115 compared to 139 in 2017 according data retrieved from Palau Supreme Court Vital Statistics Report.

Total of Palauan births outside of Palau but registered in Palau in 2018 was 168, bringing total 2018 Palauan births to 371. Palau Supreme Court records birth certificates of Palauan children born outside of Palau whose parents chose to have recorded here.  Also Palauan children born outside of Palau due medical reasons, have their birth certificates recorded in Palau as well after they return home.

Death certificates are also issued here at Palau Supreme Court for Palauans that passed away while outside of Palau.  This could be because the deceased passed away while on medical referral or due to other factors.  Certificates issued in Palau help surviving family members with insurance claims, pension or other benefits without having to go overseas to obtain such certificates.

Total number of deaths recorded from outside of Palau in 2017 was 7 and in 2018 it increased to 19 deaths.

With funerals every weekend now, folks speculate about the extent of the loss in Palau’s population but according to above statistics, Palau still have more Palauan births than deaths.

Palau Supreme Court website provides access to much needed information including court calendars, land records, judiciary decisions and much more.  2018 birth and deaths statistics used in this article are still unofficial but data before that are based on official records. (L.N. Reklai)