Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Painting for a drug free society: open children’s competition

Representational image of children of Palau taken from the Palau Pledge

The ‘Drug-Free Palau Campaign’ has a painting competition for all children of Palau.

The competition is organized by Palau Judo Kids Support Circle which is also a part of the ‘Drug Free Palau Campaign’ and Palau Judo Federation in collaboration with Japanese NGO.

Jennifer Anson who is the Leader of Palau Judo Kids and serves as the Anti-Human Trafficking Office coordinator said, “Paintings should depict a peaceful, beautiful drug-free Palau, but can also demonstrate the negative effects of drugs on life in Palau.”

“Paintings can also compare and contrast life in Palau with drugs and life without drugs.” Anson added.

The submission of painting will be by digital data and the deadline is the end of April, those interested should send their entries at or contact the organizers for more details. The Japanese NGOs and experts will select 12 paintings using anonymous votes and form the image for the 2020 Calendar.

The organizers have planned to distribute calendars in Palau, Japan and other Pacific Island Centre nations. Although, the distribution and production of copies will depend upon the budget which shall be fund-raised.

Reiko Hayakawa who works with Anson on the initiative said, “H.E. Kuniwo Nakamura, is my mentor. I knew him since 90s. I was invited lunch by him a few years ago and he asked my help to solve drug problem in Palau, especially for kids,”

Hayakawa believes that involving children in more activities can be a solution for the drug problem Palau faces.However, she also said that there have been no entries up till now. The competition was started in the month of February.

”We encourage schools, the community, and families to provide education and information for kids about their paintings. We are going to find some small presents for the kids from Japanese companies.” Hayakawa added.

According to Hayakawa, there are other Pacific Islands that are dealing with drug related problems. She expresses her wish for Palau to take initiative for other Pacific Islands as well. (Eshan Kalyanikar)