Wed. May 27th, 2020

Oilouch says he will not defend erring cops

FILE PHOTO. Vice President Raynold Oilouch in one of the press conferences held in 2019 at the Office of the President in Meyuns.

Vice President and Justice Minister Raynold Oilouch said that although he is ready to stand behind police officers, he will not defend cops who will be found committing misconducts.

Oilouch told Island Times last week that he is saddened by the news of cops getting involved in reports of misconducts as these tend to put a scar on all the works that the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is doing.

“Unfortunately and sadly, there’s been a number of incidences whereby individual police officers are involved in [incidences relating to] conducts that are, to me, unacceptable [for] police officers,” Oilouch said.

Oilouch made the statement to the media following reports of few police officers getting into trouble while off duty especially after the ministry attributed last year’s low crime rate on the police’s performance.

“After all the hard work that they did during the holidays and then it’s still January and the number of incidences involving police officers had come to my attention and I am disappointed with that,” Oilouch said but he was quick to add that these were just incidences involving few police officers.

“I’m a little saddened by the situation because I believed that there has been so many improvements to the BPS (Bureau of Public Safety) when we first started the work two years ago. I can see real improvements in the police force in terms of main responsibilities to provide security and safety,” Oilouch said.

Oilouch also said that there is a police committee review that is responsible for investigating police officers who are linked to misconducts and which will then recommend the kind of actions appropriate for the violations of internal policies and regulations. BPS also has the power to impose disciplinary measures to officers who will be found committing misconducts in the performance of their duties.

Oilouch, however, expressed that he hopes that the people of Palau will continue to “support the police because they are doing one of most difficult and hardest jobs in Palau.”

He also noted the performance of the police last year where he said that no serious incidences or major road accidents were reported during Christmas and New Year holidays. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)