No more water rationing  in Koror, Airai – NEC Chair

No more water rationing in Koror, Airai – NEC Chair

  11 May 2018

National Emergency Committee (NEC) Chairperson and Vice President Raynold Oilouch announced yesterday, May 10, during the handover ceremony of the Water Supply System Project at the Malakal Hilltop that the water rationing for Koror and Airai had already been lifted starting yesterday.

 The water supply has improved. Ngerimel dam has risen, Ngerikel has been full all this time, so we’re finally off the water hour,” Oilouch said in his speech.

According to Oilouch, the handover ceremony for the $17 million project for improvement of water supply system in Palau, which is under the Japan Grant Aid Project, is coincidental to the lifting of the water rationing.

“This major project, which costed $17 million, [is] finally finished and [it helps] improve the water supply,” Oilouch said.

Part of the project was also to cover all the pipe leaks and replace the asbestos pipes.

Palau had been water rationing for over a month after NEC declared Palau under Water Shortage Alert level 2 on March 24.

Water supply in Ngerimel and Ngerikiil dams in Airai, the two main sources of water supply in Palau, had previously dropped due to scarce rainfall and high consumption of water which prompted authorities to impose water rationing.

The data from the Palau National Weather Service Office indicated that February, March, and April are normally dry season in Palau with only minimal rainfall.

However, in a public statement issued by NEC to the media yesterday, some places indentified as Imeong, Ngeremlengui, Ollei, Ngarchelong, Mongami, Aimeliik still remained under water shortage warning and mandatory water rationing for eight hours until further notice.

Despite the lifting of the water rationing in Koror and Airai, everyone, including residents of Airai and Koror, are still encouraged by NEC to conserve water and be mindful of its use in conducting water related activities. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)