Night Market of Sweet Memories recapped

Night Market of Sweet Memories recapped

  18 May 2018

 The Senior Citizens Center Ladies’ Young at Heart Dancers were the highlight of the SWEET MEMORIES Night Market, which was held at the Ernguul Central Park on Friday, May 11, 2018.

Dedicated to our Senior Citizens and in recognition of Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13th, the SWEET MEMORIES Night Market also included great entertainment, local and international food, as well as great dance performances and demonstrations.

The Young at Heart Dancers entertained the crowd with Contemporary Palauan dance, which has been passed down to the young dancers who perform today. Their performance began with chesols, or traditional chant, which was performed by Antonina Antonio, followed by the lively dances. Members of Young at Heart Dancers also joined in the Mother’s Dance Contest with mothers from the audience. After jitterbug and cha-cha, all teams won over the crowd equally, and were awarded vouchers from the Night Market’s participating vendors. PVA would like to thank Q-LaLa, MJ Burger House, The Taj, Nanay’s Kitchen, Side Street Cafe and L’Amarena Gelato Shop for donating these great prizes.

The Smiich Dancers also provided a Traditional Dance (delal a ngloik) performance at the start of the program, as well as a lively Contemporary Dance to wrap up the evening. The featured live band for the evening, Williander, Weena and Opee, also performed some favorite old-time songs and were joined by guest performer Daniel Tochi.

As visitors are excited to learn from Palauans, PVA’s cultural demonstrations included four weavers, namely Sisbartol Holan, Dilchur Ruluked, Jury Kebekol and Matsko Taro. In addition, Floriano Felix was demonstrating how to make Palauan fishing spears (biskang) and Meked Besebes showed local pottery.

The Night Markets were created to provide a venue for small business owners to sell and display their products, including local handicrafts, food and snacks, clothing and other gift ideas. At this May 11th Night Market, a total of $8,321.75 in sales was made to 900 persons (623 local and 277 tourists). The Night Markets are also a great venue for visitors to mix and mingle with local Palauans who enjoy a fun evening of delicious food and live entertainment.

The next Night Market, a kick off to summer, will be held on Friday, May 25th. If you would like to sell or display your products, please reserve your space by 4:00pm, Thursday, May 24th. For more information, please contact Api or Marvin at 488-1930/2793. (pr}

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