Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

New park benches from Koror State spruce up night markets for families

The old Olbiil Era Kelulau Grounds received a makeover thanks to the initiative of the Koror State Government last week.

The Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) says today, that the recent night market marked a milestone recently with the installation of   six new park benches provided by the Koror State Government, sprucing up the children playground located in front of the Old OEK building.

Ngirai Tmetuchl, PVA Chairman of the Board of Directors said with the help of Koror State Governor Franco Gibbons and Speaker Alan Marbou, the grounds located near Ernguul Park had a transformation to ensure a “family friendly space that added value to the night market.”

Tmetuchl said the leaders of the Koror State Government provided children and their families a nurturing environment.

New lighting has also been installed at the ground to encourage kids and their families to come out and have a good time during the night markets.

“On behalf of PVA, we thanked Governor Gibbons and Speaker Alan Marbou for their continued support,” Tmetuchl says.

He said they are looking forward to future partnership with the state government to provide opportunities in developing a strong thriving community, both for the locals and tourists. (PR)