Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

More than $8K raised for Director Aguon in fundraising drive

Vice President Raynold Oilouch (right) during the fundraiser for Narcotics Enforcement Director Ismael Aguon held on Friday, November 8.

A total of $8,322 was raised in a fundraising drive held on November 8 for Narcotics Enforcement Director Ismael Aguon.

Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Earnest Ongidobel, in an interview, said that there had been 345 donors who helped raised the amount in support of the director whose car was previously set on fire by unknown individuals.

Ongidobel said that the amount exceeded their target of only $7,500 which was the estimated amount of the car that was destroyed by unidentified arsonists.

The Chief of Staff expressed that they are confident in the work that Director Aguon is doing and that they believe that many of the Palauan people also have their back.

“It is a show of support that tells us that we should continue to support him in what he does that is why he has been targeted by acts of violence by these persons,” Ongidobel said.

Ongidobel added that the fundraising drive that the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) initiated was a demonstration of support for the Narcotics Enforcement head.

Director Aguon’s Ford Expedition car was razed by unknown arsonists on October 11, 2019, prompting the government, particularly the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to conduct a fundraiser on November 8 at the Did ra Ngmatl. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)