More than 5k non-resident workers apply for permit in 2017 – DOL

  06 Mar 2018

The 2017 progress report of the Division of Labor (DOL) revealed that a total of 5,428 Non-Resident Worker Permit applications were received by their office with 5,127 of these applications already completed and issued and 301 were pending.

If broken down, the total number of applications is comprised of 1,519 Labor Work Permits, 217 Transferred Permits, 3,144 Permit Extensions, and 247 Fishermen Permits.

The data also showed that out of the permitted non-resident workers, 56 percent are Filipinos, 17 percent are Bangladeshis, 11 percent are Chinese, six percent are Indonesians, three percent are Taiwanese and the remaining seven percent are composed of the other foreign nationals.

Out of these permitted non-resident workers, 38 percent are into production jobs, 35 percent are into Service Jobs, 10 percent are into Professional/Technical Jobs, and 17 percent are into other jobs.

Filipino and Chinese workers are mainly in Service Jobs while majority of the Bangladeshi, Indonesian, and Taiwanese workers are in production jobs, according to the same report. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)

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