MOH pushes for eradication  of invasive species

MOH pushes for eradication of invasive species

  04 May 2018

May 03, 2018 –  In support of Palau’s 2018 Year of Good Health, a team from the Ministry of Health (MOH) has been organizing activities that promote physical activity through community work.

The community work focuses on the eradication of invasive species, specifically kebeas (Merremia peltata).

Kebeas is a rapid-growing vine that “strangles” native plants and can cover entire forest areas. The first eradication activity was held in Ngardmau State. It was followed with a tree-planting session. Eradication sessions have also been held in Aimeliik State and Ngatpang State.

Participants of the activities included community members & volunteers from the Ministry of Health (MOH); Ministry of Education (MOE); Ngardmau State Government; Aimeliik State Government; Ngatpang State Government; and the Department of Agriculture under the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Tourism (MNRET).

The initiative is divided into two parts: a town hall meeting with the community and the eradication activity.

During the town hall meetings, a team from the Ministry of Health promotes healthy lifestyle choices and provides information for the general public regarding the latest health reports (e.g., the Palau Hybrid Survey). The town hall meetings also feature promotion by the Male Health Team for the Male Health Conference being organized for August this year.

The eradication activity is open to all volunteers & community members willing to work together to clear areas of kebeas and collect discarded trash or debris along the Compact Road. The activity promotes environmental protection, physical activity, and community work (ureor el beluu).

MOH would like to recognize all the following participants & volunteers: Tmekei Ellis, Lieb Decherong, Wilson Subris, Delugo Florencio, Buikbeluu Roman, Lalie Ikluk, Columbo Sakuma, Bret Silas, Ewes Kertou, Meiyok Chin, Belsechel Blesoch, Sechalraimul Henry, Frankie Rechelluul, Rayger Roman, Faith Ngirchomlei, Kiukl Ridpath, Oliver Delbirt, Amos Solomon, Jane Olsudong, Ngoriakl Olmetelel, Ngemelok Ksano, Felton Ngiraingas, Minda Benjamin, Junior “Mala” Rikrik, Absalom Abia, the United States of America Civic Action Team (CAT), Hera Subediang, Askla Ngirkelau, Elway Lewis, Shilwin I. Singeru, Salustia Mira, George Kinto, Calvin Johanes, MOH Director of Public Health Sherilynn Madraisau, and MOH Director of Clinical & Hospital Services Dr. Ngirachisau Mekoll.

Special recognition is also given to the following donors & supporters who contributed food, water, transportation, fuel, & funds in support of the activities: President of the Republic of Palau His Excellency Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., Former Ambassador & Senator Joshua Koshiba, Adelbai ra Tang Alan R. Seid, Beouch Demei Obakrairur, Ngardmau State Delegate Lucio Ngiraiwet, Governor Johnston Aderkroi, Koror State Legislator Jason Nolan, Mr. Henry Jackson, Ms. Ritter Udui, Ms. Losii Samsel, MOH Director of Hospital Administration & Support Services Darnelle Worswick, MOH Director of Nursing Antonnette Merur, and MOH Director Mekoll.

The following government agencies also provided the necessary support for the activities: MNRET Division of Agriculture, MOE, MOH, the Palau Community Health Centers, MOH Bureau of Public Health,MOH Division of Primary & Preventive Health, MOH Communicable Disease Unit, MOH Family Health Unit, MOH Community Guidance Center, MOH Prevention Unit, MOH Human Resources Office, MOH Health Promotion Outreach Team, and MOH Male Health Team.

For more information about the Men’s Health or the eradication of invasive species activities, please contact Mr. Calvin Johanes at (cell): 775-1246.

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