Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

MOF, MOJ to crack down on internet gambling

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Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice have activated an investigative unit to monitor businesses and individuals who are suspected of engaging in illegal online activities, according to a notice issued by the Bureau of Revenue and Taxation this week.

“In light of recent discovery of potential commercial misuse of the internet by both licensed and unlicensed entities, the Bureau, at the direction of and in consultation with Minister of Finance and Justice, have activated an investigative unit to monitor and bring to account business establishments and individuals suspected of engaging in illegal online activities,” announced BRT.

Furthermore, announcement states that anyone caught “engaging in, sponsoring, or housing perpetrators of illegal online activities” will be prosecuted to full extent of the law.

It states that PNC Title 17, Chapter 16 “criminalizes gambling of all sorts”, promoting or facilitating is punishable under ROP laws.

Under the same law, even though it criminalizes gambling, it made exception of internet digital lottery and virtual pachinko gaming as long as “sites of the Virtual Pachinko Business and Internet Digits Lottery Game Business are inaccessible to persons located within the Republic, and that Palauan citizens shall not be allowed to play Virtual Pachinko or the Internet Digits Lottery Game.” PNC 17 Section 1601 (e).