Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

Milad’l dil holds youth empowerment program at the Palau Aquarium

Palau Aquarium

Milad’l dil has initiated a Youth Empowerment Program at the Palau Aquarium.

Milad’l dil is a local Palauan women’s group that supports women and children’s education and health through small-scale projects.

The group designed the Youth Empowerment Program to promote and nurture the interests of women and children in Palau with emphasis on health and education. The Program sponsors young individuals so that they can work with organizations to build character and valuable skill sets.

This summer, Milad’l dil is offering the Youth Empowerment Program for young individuals, between 15 and 22 years old to work at the Palau Aquarium. The job will include daily routines such as tank maintenance, animal husbandry, and aquarium collection, as well as aquarium tours. These individuals must be team players, have strong work ethic, and a strong willingness to learn. Additionally, the participants must be able to spend considerable time in aquarium tanks or in the ocean – sometimes in unfavorable weather conditions.

Those chosen to join the program will be expected to work 30-hour weeks and will be provided a stipend of $50 bi-weekly by Milad’l Dil. “We are very appreciative for the support we have received from Milad’l dil,” shares Aquarium Director, Ilebrang Olkeriil. “PICRC is so happy to partner with Milad’l dil because of their shared values in building capacity and seeking opportunities to empower the youth of Palau.” (PR)