Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Man stole a govt vehicle, tried to escape arrest

File Photo: Eshan Kalyanikar

A man has been charged with theft of a government property and resisting arrest after he stole a government vehicle and attempted to evade the police.

The incident took place on September 8 after an official reported his white Honda wagon to be stolen from his residence. On the same day, a vehicle was reported to be driving recklessly from Malakal towards Koror

The police officials found the stolen vehicle at the parking lot of Bank of Guam and this is when the police saw Rusky Remoket driving the stolen vehicle.

Seeing the police vehicle, Remoket allegedly drove towards it in high speed and deliberately collided into it going further towards Ngerbeched hamlet.
Remoket abandoned the vehicle at Dneronger and fled the scene. They found Remoket’s cellphone in the car and retrieved a CCTV footage from the King Fisher store that showed him walking by the store.

Remoket was then tracked down and arrested. There are charges of reckless endangering, unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle and criminal property damage filed against him.
Remoket has pled not guilty and the status conference for his case been set to October 3. By Eshan Kalyaniakar)