Sun. May 31st, 2020

Man allegedly threatened to shoot person in front of BPS

A 54-year-old official allegedly threatened to shoot a person in front of the Bureau of Public Safety Administration office because of a quarrel.

The incident occurred at 1:20 pm in mid-June and Johndeck Timarong was cited for Terroristic Threatening, however, he was unarmed at the moment of the threat.

The fight was allegedly due to a previous quarrel at PNOC and the victim was an adult male.

The Public Information Officer Jose Ise said that Timarong is an officer in-charge for vehicle registration.

However, he did not reveal the nature of the fight or what was the reason behind a fight that lead to an alleged threat.

Although the PIO said that Timarong was an officer, he was not clear about the disciplinary action against Timarong. (Eshan Kalyanikar)