Sun. Nov 17th, 2019

Man allegedly possessed sidearm and ammunition

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A man was allegedly found being drunk and aggressive last week and is said to have possessed a side arm and ammunition on “off duty hours”. On the same night he was also reported for assault.

Artin Hideyos, a 48-year-old Palauan man was reported in the post mid-night hours of June 14, precisely at 1:37 AM and officers responded at the residence in Medalaii.

On the same night at 3 AM, Hideyos allegedly assaulted a woman in the parking lot of Poseidon Bar which is located in Malakal.

However, it is not clear if Hideyos was an officer of law as the Bureau of Public Safety Director Alloysius Alonz has not responded to the queries as of now.

ARTICLE XIII of Palauan Constitution Section 12 reads, “The national government shall have exclusive power to regulate importation of firearms and ammunition. No persons except armed forces personnel lawfully in Palau and law enforcement officers acting in an official capacity shall have the right to possess firearms or ammunition unless authorized by legislation which is approved in a nationwide referendum by a majority of the votes cast on the issue.”

In the last report by the Island Times, Alonz said that officers are not allowed to carry the firearm after their shift has ended without his permission.

He added there are officers who have permission to carry the firearm even after their official shift.

Hideyos is currently being investigated for Possession Ammunition and Possession of Side Arm, violation of Family Protection Act (FPA), Assault and Disorderly Conduct. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)