Mon. Jan 20th, 2020

Man accused of felony now a fugitive

A man accused of a ‘felony’ has been allegedly in hiding for two weeks now after an arrest warrant was issued by the court against him.

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ), in a public announcement, stated that the arrest warrant was issued by the court against Foncy Sambal, a resident of Ngerkesoaol, Koror, on August 28.

It was not, however, divulged what specific charge was filed against the accused.

Public Safety (BPS) Director Aloysius Alonz told Island Times in an interview that they are asking the help of the public to report any information about Sambal’s whereabouts as he has been allegedly in hiding ever since the police had initially arrested him.

According to Alonz, Sambal had been previously arrested by the detectives but he was released as the 24-hour rule that allows police to hold a person in the absence of formal charges had expired before the court was able to issue a warrant of arrest.

The cops failed to file charges against Sambal within 24 hours since police had to go after two other alleged co-conspirators, hence, resulting into his release after his initial arrest, Alonz explained.

It was only two days after Sambal’s initial arrest, according to Alonz, when the arrest warrant was issued.

The two co-conspirators allegedly involved in the case were already arrested by the authorities.

Alonz said that the suspect has not been reporting for work since he was released and that his family had been saying that he has left their house early morning. Alonz added that the suspect’s house had been placed under surveillance.

“He knows that the police are looking for him,” Alonz said.

“As long as we know that he’s been evading to this it might complicate things for him,” Alonz said, explaining further that he might face the risk of not being allowed by the court to go on bail.

“As long as he comes in, he can call and turn himself to the police,” Alonz added.

The police have already coordinated with the authorities from the immigration, seaport, and airport, according to Alonz.

“He has nowhere to go except to turn himself in,” Alonz said. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)