Sat. May 30th, 2020

Local x-rated video gone viral

Lately, a spate of videos depicting sex acts between Palauans have been shared extensively on messenger and discussed or alluded to on social media, especially Facebook this past two months.

The most recent one seems to have gone “viral”, being shared by almost every Palauan on Messenger.  Social media has exploded with netizens disparaging the most recent video involving two well-known local adults.

Someone posted on social media, “what is happening to us?”

Whether this video and others were unintentionally, intentionally or maliciously uploaded and shared publicly, it brings out unaddressed issues of pornographic content in local media, cultural sensitivity and freedom of expression, all of which are given the same platform with today’s technology.

Palau’s decency laws do not cover this new technology and where a person may be prohibited from walking down a street in a bathing suit, no law prohibits a person or persons taking an indecent photo or video and posting on social media. (L.N. Reklai)