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Koror State officials hold 1st leadership meeting

Koror State officials hold 1st leadership meeting

by May 18, 2018 Top Stories

For the first time after about two decades, the Koror State Leaders had gathered together to discuss and address some issues for the development of Koror State.

About 45 attendees had sat down together and talked about changing the current seal of Koror, which now has two Bai, by proposing to put three Bai on its next design so that each main leader for the state will be represented on its seal.

Another topic that they discussed was to come up with a united position and solution to the issue of displacement in some parts of Koror after land tenants were allegedly ordered by the original land owners to vacate the land properties. These lands had been granted back to the clans who originally owned the land, and lost claim of it during the Japanese Occupation in Palau, after several decades of fighting for its claim.

The meeting was initiated by Speaker Alan T. Marbou of the 11th Koror State Legislature, Koror Governor Franco Gibbons, and the Chairman of the House of Traditional Leaders (HOTL) High Chief Ibedul Gibbons.





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