Sun. Nov 17th, 2019

Koror legislators no show in session to adopt governor’s appointees

A group of Koror State legislators did not show up in a session supposedly held to adopt Koror State Governor Franco Gibbon’s appointees for the Koror State Planning Commission on Friday, May 3.

A reliable source, who requested anonymity, told Island Times that Koror State legislators Felix Francisco, Marcil Polycarp, Leorry Ngiramowai, Wilson Ngirausui, Rodney Omelau, Ignacio Rengulbai, Jennifer Sugiyama, Devon Andreas, and Vann Isasc did not show up in the session, hence resulting in a no quorum.

The session was meant to be held for the appointment of Madesar Ngiraingas, Lola Reklai, Johnny Yaoch, and Quincy Kuniyoshi to the planning commission, according to the source.

The source added that the only legislators who showed up in the session are those who are in the side of Koror State Legislature Speaker Alan Marbou.

Island Times tried to contact legislators Sugiyama and Felix Francisco via text to get their side of the story but had not yet received the response as of press time.

According to the source, failure to adopt appointees will delay issuance of building permits in Koror.

The source also alleged that the legislators “want power in the legislature” and the speakership, adding that they are the same group of people who favored Koror State Governor Franco Gibbon’s competitor for governorship, Eyos Rudimch, in the 2017 state elections.

“This is happening despite all the work we’ve been doing for families, schools, youth, etc. to include the low income,” the source said.

Island Times’ 2017 report revealed that a lawsuit was filed against the Palau Election Commission (PEC) and the now incumbent Koror State Governor Gibbons to challenge the validity of the runoff election that made the latter won the polls. The runoff election was previously conducted after Gibbons and Rudimch, the two highest vote earners for the 2017 gubernatorial race, failed to get majority of votes casted. In the general polls for governorship, Rudimch led the race followed by Gibbons with only a slim margin.

The court previously ruled that the application of the Koror State law that mandates a runoff polls between two highest vote earners in a gubernatorial race if none receive majority of the votes cast during the general election was valid and not in violation of the state’s constitution. (By Rhealyn C. Pojas)