Thu. Feb 27th, 2020

Jesse Edward work to be revoked

Motion to revoke former employee of PPUC Jesse Edward’s work release was filed this November 4, 2019 after he violated conditions of his work release program at the Koror Jail by smuggling marijuana into jail.   Mr. Edward was found guilty of stealing money from PPUC on July 10, 2019 when utility payments from Peliliu State entrusted to his care was stolen.

Part of initial sentencing allowed Mr. Edward to be released from Koror jail 30 minutes before 8:00a.m. and to return no later than 5:30p.m on Sunday to Friday so that he could work. He was caught with possession of marijuana on Thursday, October 31 2019 while returning on work release.

Mr. Edward may soon be facing other criminal charges as result of smuggling controlled substance into jail.