Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Japanese researchers in Palau to check on rhino beetle control

Japanese researchers were in Palau to team up with scientists across the Pacific region in avoiding the invasion of the coconut rhinoceros beetle CRB and further damaging coconut trees and palm trees.

According to reports, two research entomologists from Japan just concluded a CRB fact-finding trip in Palau.

The researchers, Madoka Nakai, a professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, and Shin-ichiro Asano, an associate professor at Hokkaido University’s Research Faculty of Agriculture, visited Palau and Guam to explore the mechanism that helps CRBs resist viral infection.

“While in Palau, we did detect the virus in beetle DNA, but we found no indication of infection,” Nakai said in reports.

In 2003, scientists in Palau have released a virus to control the rhinoceros beetle but Nakai said the virus also has failed to infect and kill the beetles.

Scientists and researchers are working to solve the problem of the spread of the CRB which is a serious threat to the Pacific Islanders and to the livelihood in the region.  (Bernadette Carreon)