Sun. Nov 17th, 2019

Japan awards ‘Order of the Rising Sun’ to former Palau Ambassador

Palau’s Former Ambassador to Japan Minoru Francisco Xavier Ueki has become one of the foreign nationals accorded by the Japanese government the prestigious award called the “Order of the Rising Sun” which is bestowed only to those who have distinguished achievements in international relations and promotion of Japanese culture, among others.

Dr. Ueki, Former Palau Ambassador to Japan

Ueki, 87, is one of the 135 foreigners to be awarded the order including United States’ Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen and Former Vice President and also Former Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney.

In a press statement sent to the media, the Japan Embassy in Palau stated that the Japanese government announced the foreign recipients of the 2018 Autumn Imperial Decorations on Saturday, November 3.

The award is conferred to Ueki for his distinguished services in strengthening bilateral relations and promoting friendship between Japan and Palau, according to the press statement.

Dr. Ueki is a second-generation Japanese descendant who had been appointed as Palau’s Ambassador to Japan for almost four years beginning 2009 until 2013. He previously served as a Senator and a Minister of Education prior to his stint as ambassador.

During his term as Ambassador, he contributed in further strengthening the bilateral relations between Japan and Palau, and had dedicated time and attention in promoting people-to-people exchanges.

He had also assisted the visits by Japanese Congress members, Japanese professors and students to Palau.

Dr. Ueki has also supported many people including Japanese-Palauans and Japanese war-bereaved families by founding the Palau Sakura Kai, an association for the Japanese-Palauan in Palau.

He also committed to the construction and preservation of Japanese memorial sites in Palau and supported those who lost their families and comrades during WWII, especially those who wished to visit Palau to remember them.

Dr. Ueki also helped some Japanese to start a tour agency which grew into one of the largest tour agencies in Palau.

His dedication to his work has helped Japanese companies to operate their businesses smoothly in Palau.

He had also assisted the establishment of a Japanese language supplementary school where the children of Japanese residents in Palau study and has long contributed to the lives of Japanese residents in Palau. (With Japan Embassy PR)