Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020

International Children’s Exchange Program between Zao Town, Palau

Ten students from Meyuns Elementary school with four chaperoning adults (teacher, parent representative, two MOE staff) participated in the Zao Town –Palau International Children’s Exchange Program visiting Zao Town in northern Japan from January 29 to February 3, 2019.

The Students paid courtesy with Zao Town Mayor Murakami Eijin, visited Zao Town’s recycling factory experienced rice cake making, and played with snow at Ebishi Ski resort. The students also participated in an exchange program with students from Enda Junior High school, toured the city of Tokyo, learned about Japan’s tradition of doll painting, and learned first-hand in cheese and ice-cream making. (PR)

No. Students & Chaperones Names

  1. Ashtin Kinto

2. Denzel K. Gabriel

3. Esther Tmerngor Saka

4. Jersey Leong Flavin

5. Jezzlee Baiei

6. Kaira Dilbuil Takeo

7. Lesley Wasisang Terence

8. Marley Rdechor Edeluchel

9. Rodney Ngirboketereng Omelau Jr.

10. Ryan Marcos Pedro

11. Jennifer Ngual (Teacher)

12. Edwina Katosang (Parent Representative)

13. Ibuuch Tomoichi

Chief of Personnel Management, Ministry of Education (Head of Delegation)

14. Janet Ebil Orrukem

Chief of Instructional Implementation and Teacher Training, Ministry of Education