Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

India assists Palau’s health and renewable energy initiatives

The government of India has extended aid to Palau on its drive to improve its health and renewable energy generation initiatives.

Indian Ambassador to Palau Jaideep Mazumdar, during the sidelines of the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday at Taj Palau on October 2, said that India is now working on the project to install solar panels at Palau’s National Capitol, train two locals to become solar engineers and at the same time, contribute in the upgrading of nine community health centers including their equipment.

Mazumdar said that two women from Palau have been chosen to become “Solar Mammas” and are currently in India to undergo a six-month course under the Solar Training Program.

The Solar Mammas, Lolanny T. Dwight and Ms. Jaelene B. Kebekol, are admitted to the Barefoot College at Jaipur, Rajasthan and are funded by the Indian government.

The Solar Mammas are those that do not have formal education that are chosen by their respective countries to be part of the program, Mazumdar said, explaining further that at the end of the training, they are expected to become solar engineers. Throughout the program, they will be taught how to assemble, install, and maintain solar panels.

The program, according to the Indian Ambassador, started 10 years ago and this is the first time that Palau has participated in it.

India is also donating $200,000 to support Palau’s Year of Good Health Program through the upgrade of the small health institutions.

Nine of the community health centers in Palau will have facility and equipment upgrade through the India UN Development Bank fund.

Lighting and cooling solar panels will also be installed at the National Capitol and authorities are now in the process of determining costs for the project, Mazumdar said, adding that once this process is completed, the project will soon start. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)