How is tourism?

  13 Feb 2018

[] January arrivals sees  Japan increase, drop  in Chinese tourists

 Arrivals from Japan are increasing while Chinese inbound tourists are decreasing, according to the latest Palau Visitor’s Authority (PVA) statistical report.

Although China still dominates the arrivals with 3,907, but compared to arrivals of the same month last year of 5,721, the numbers are down by 31 percent. [restrict]

Visitors from Japan were traditionally the largest contingent, followed by Taiwanese and Korean visitors.

However, beginning late 2014, tourists from China dominated the arrivals. The surge in arrivals from China however was not welcomed because Palau’s tourism policy did not want to cater to just one market.

Japan registered with 2,466 arrivals in Jan. 2018, which represented an increase of 80 compared to same month last year with 2,386.

From the 2,466 Japanese who visited Palau, 1,377 of the visitors flew via Delta Airlines.

Last week Delta airlines announced it would discontinue its service from Palau to Japan due to a lower passenger demand in Micronesia.

The report stated that there were 807 arrivals from Taiwan   representing an increase of 52 compared to same month last year with 755 arrivals.

Arrivals from Korea also increased by 404 with 1,810 arrivals last month.

Total Europe including Russia with 494 arrivals in Jan. 2018 represent an increase of 133 compared to same month last year with 361 arrivals. (Bernadette H. Carreon) [/restrict]



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