Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

House Speaker Anastacio not seen for months

Speaker Sabino Anastacio during the press conference on Wednesday, November 22

Speaker of the House of Delegates, Speaker Sabino Anastacio has been quiet and unseen for over three months now.  Usually a bold strong presence,he has not been seen presiding over sessions or attending leadership meetings or functions where he was usually featured.

As the head of the other half of the Palau National Congress, his absence is noticeable but attempts to find out his whereabouts from his colleagues were met with “no comments”.

“We received a letter of designation of Vice Speaker Lucio Ngiraiwet by Speaker Anastacio but that is all the official communication that we have,” stated Deputy Chief of Staff Rebluud Kesolei.

Sources from Palau and from the Philippines confirmed reports that Speaker Anastacio is in the Philippines for medical treatment.

Meanwhile, Vice Speaker Lucio Ngiraiwet is presiding over the House affairs in the Speaker’s absence.

House Speaker Anastacio, a powerful delegate held the House of Delegates with iron fist over the last 7 years passing many policies with little contention from his colleagues and constantly targeted the Senate for its often-heated debates over policy issues.

He is a strong proponent of moving Palau’s diplomatic recognition of Taiwan to People’s Republic of China and is the main partner in the Wynham Resort project to be built in Aimeliik State.