Hawaiians urged not to ignore cesspool issues

  16 Feb 2018

The US state of Hawaii is being urged not to ignore an array of cesspool problems that are causing public health concerns.

A recent report showed human waste was leaking into some of the state’s drinking water supply and the ocean. [restrict]

Puako is a popular tourist destination on the big island known for its pristine waters.

President of the area’s community association Peter Hackstedde said US$2.5 million had been spent studying the problem and monitoring water quality.

He said Puako residents wanted to replace cesspools with a sewage treatment plant.

“This is a serious problem we got to get it fixed. Nothing does happen fast in Hawaii and it takes forever as we have been working on this for years now and everyone is so laid back over here in Hawaii, that nothing happens in a big hurry but it is wrecking the reef and everything else.”

he Department of Health report estimated it would cost $US1.75 billion to fix the problem, with 87,900 cesspools in existence across the state.

The report said the issues were complex and that the department would continue to work with stakeholders to discuss possible solutions. RNZ/Pacific Hawaii [/restrict]


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