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Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Green Fins in the DNA of Pristine Paradise Palau, embraced by State Conservation Rangers and Dive Snorkel centers

by March 7, 2017 Billboard


Koror, Palau.  “I admit in the years I have been involved in conservation or environmental protection, we were always working independently from each other.  This effort bringing the states, tourism sector,  Non-government Organizations, our research authorities, and relevant government agencies together to look at how the Green Fins management approach can help improve the way we manage our marine environment to reduce tourism pressure on coral reefs, is a very good step forward, and a good example of how we as a community should work together to protect and sustain our reefs”, stated Minister Sengebau at the opening of the Green Fins Workshop at the Palau Coral Reef Center on March 1st.  We’re sorry. You don't have permission to access this page. Please sign up to have full access to this page.

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