Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020

Funeral of Governor’s Mother On Peleliu

By Colin C. Cortbus

Reporting from Peleliu State

Hundreds of mourners recently attended the funeral of Dirramolei Mellomes E. Shmull, the mother of Peleliu State Governor Temmy L. Shmull.

Dirramolei Mellomes E. Shmull, known affectionately as Mamang (mother) Molei to her sons, was a much-cherished member of the Peleliu community, and a loving mother to her children.

Multiple boats carried large groups of mourners all the way from Koror to Peleliu especially for the funeral, a sign of how deeply the life of Dirramolei Mellomes E. Shmull had touched the lives of people all across Palau.  Those attending the funeral often had deep personal memories to share of how Dirramolei Mellomes E. Schmull`s kindness had positively affected their lives.

The funeral ceremony was held at Shmull’s residence in the centre of Peleliu town last Saturday. Despite searingly hot temperatures on the day, mourners patiently and serenely expressed their sincere grief for Dirramolei Mellomes E. Shmull at the drawn-out ceremony.  Peleliu Town’s normally bustling centre was visibly deserted as most people had joined the funeral ceremonies.

Just as the coffin was being readied to be transported to the local cemetery, the previously relatively sunny weather turned overcast; A fitting reflection perhaps of how Dirramolei Mellomes E. Schmull’s recent and very saddening passing has taken a source of much human sunshine from the community.

A remarkable amount of 97000 $ and 96 toluk (turtle shell money) were raised at the funeral. Numerous holders of the highest social and political positions were among those to make donations.