Tue. May 26th, 2020

Four new human trafficking cases submitted to AG

The Anti-Human Trafficking Office has submitted four new human trafficking cases to the Attorney General’s office that are now subject for review while three other cases are now also awaiting prosecution.

Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator Jennifer Anson told Island Times in an interview yesterday, December 3, that the first two new cases were filed on October 30 while the other two new cases were also filed on November 30.

Out of these new cases, three victims were identified to be Bangladeshis, one was identified a Filipino, and one was a Palauan.

According to Anson, the works of the all-male victims ranged from construction work to restaurant service. The perpetrators were also comprised of both locals and foreigners, with the latter identified to be Bangladeshis.

According to Anson, human trafficking cases differ from labor regulation violations in such a way that the former involves an element of deception where victims are asked by perpetrators to pay a fee in exchange for an inexistent job that would eventually cause them to do other jobs instead. Labor violations, meanwhile, deal with employment or labor issues between employee and employer.

Anson said that the Anti-Human Trafficking Office is working with the Labor Office to help the victims find a temporary job for them here in Palau if they still do not have one. This is done so that the victims will have something to earn while waiting for the result of the case.

Anson further added that in some cases that they worked on, foreign victims would choose to go home to their respective countries for good, hence, leading to the case being closed.

The Anti-Human Trafficking Office is hoping that victims will get restitution. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)