Fire at Renrak dock destroys two vehicles, diving paraphernalia

Fire at Renrak dock destroys two vehicles, diving paraphernalia

  15 Feb 2019 , ,

Thick, black smoke billowed from a private property at Renrak Dock during a fire incident on February 14. (Contributed Photo)

A fire destroyed two vehicles and other diving paraphernalia that were stationed inside the vicinity of a commercial property at Renrak Dock at around 1:30pm on February 14.

Shahalom, a Bangladeshi worker, told Island Times that he was roused from sleep by an explosion coming a few distance away from the container house where he was taking a nap. It prompted him to run outside and check only to see two parked cars and the storage area of diving paraphernalia already on fire.

The foreign worker said that there was no one else around the area except him and that there was also no working telephone at the place so he had to run to a safe area and shout for someone from the nearby business establishments to call the police.

Firemen then responded to the area minutes after and extinguished the fire. By the time Island Times came to the scene, the fire was already out except for a little smoke rising from the burnt materials.

Shahalom said that the two cars destroyed by fire were still working prior to the incident and were company cars for the tour guide and an assistant.

There were no reports of injuries or casualties during the incident. Police are still conducting investigation to determine the possible cause of fire. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)


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