Sun. Aug 18th, 2019

Entertainment and catering at PICRC’s 18th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner Gala made the event one to remember

The Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) held their 18th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner Gala on January 17, 2019.

From fairy lights dangled from the ceiling to local palm leaves and flowers carpeting the building, parking lot at the Tommy E. Remengesau Jr. building was transformed into an elegant venue.

As guests entered the venue, they were entertained by brother and sister duo, Ngerchelei and Kendall Titiml, who sang a mix of classic Palauan songs and original pieces. The brother-sister duo put on an outstanding performance from when guests arrived until the very end of the night. Not only are these two very talented performers, they also presented themselves with class and had an exceptional stage presence that complemented the ambiance of the evening.

To top it all off, Elilai’s catering provided attentive and professional service as well as an impressive buffet filled with top grade sashimi, fresh grilled fish, oven roasted steak tips, corn flaked, honey crusted chicken, and oven roasted vegetables. Chef Roy and his team outdid themselves with the hard-work they put into making the night remarkable.

The venue, performances, and catering for the night truly made the evening one to remember for all who attended, not only for the looks but the feeling and ambience of the evening. (PR)