Sun. Dec 8th, 2019

Employment numbers dropped by 22% in 2019

Number of contract workers fell 22% this year compared to 2018 with 1,006 less work permits issued, revealed the Division of Labor.

Most affected were jobs in the service industry which dropped by 27%  or a loss of 445 jobs compared to last year. Service industry employment positions include waitress, tour guides, general maintenance, housekeeping, farm helpers, kitchen helpers and others, most of which are jobs servicing the tourism industry.

Production jobs followed with 24% drop or 399 less work permits issued.  Production job classification primarily include construction, fishery, and tourism occupations.

Reduction in number of employments in service industry corresponds with consistent decline in tourism arrivals over the past year.  Fisheries too is seeing decline with the start of the implementation phases of PNMS Act.

All areas of occupations show decline with exception of administrative and managerial occupations which showed increase of 1% or 27 more permits issued compared to 2018 data.

Work permits released this year is 3,659 compared to 4,664 issued last year.  Out of the 3,659 permits, 942 are new and 2,371 are work permit extensions.

Data provided and used in this article only reflect foreign worker permits and do not include information on Palau citizens employment.  (L.N. Reklai)