Dil Odesangel Club kicks off Kinrohosi Project

Dil Odesangel Club kicks off Kinrohosi Project

  01 May 2018

The Dil Odesangel Club members kicked off on April 21 the first of its four series of community cleanup activities in Peleliu as part of the Earth day commemoration.

Dubbed as the Kinrohosi Project, the club conducted its first cleanup activity which involved the beautification of the seven hamlet signs, planting of flowers and picking up of trash, among others.

On the evening of same date, participants of the activity also gathered for the Co-ed fun challenge through the games of Hanakuda for Adults and Table Tennis for Teens.

A total of six co-ed Teams for Hanakuda Challenge and eight co-ed Teams for the Table Tennis Challenge had been formed for the event.

Winners of the Hanakuda Challenge (Adults)
Koi Koi 1st Place – Barbra Solang & Nora Sisior
Dongilek 2nd Place – Linda Meyar & Yosko Ngiraked
Expert 3rd Place – Birs Tkel & Early
Winners of the Hanakuda Challenge

Ngedbus Hunters 4th Place – Monica & Tania Ichiro
All-Around 5th Place – Ferlin Mtoched & Clark Rechebong
2-Better 6th Place – Ucherbelau Recheyungel & Mari Sambal
Winners of the Table Tennis Challenge (Teens)
Rackets 1st Place – Monte & Omtab
Tap Out 2nd Place – Shem & Riuch
Spinners 3rd Place – Niro & Lenge
Y-Not 4th Place – Shamira & Braelynn
Can Do 5th Place -Bryce & Avi
Royals 6th Place – Shada & Talita
Let’s Do It 7th Place – Burnett & Mereng
Quicksilver 8th Place – Jones & Techall

First Placers will have a face off at the Championship Competition in November. The next fellowship challenge is set for July 28,2018.

Sincere appreciation to the Governor Temmy Shmull and staff of Peleliu State Government, Speaker Effy Remeliik, Ngesias Hamlet Legislator Meisai Chin and Ngerkiukl Legislator Edburg Mabel for their partnership and donation.

We further thank our cash and in-kind donations from Minister Elbuchel Sadang and members Director Pia M. Remengesau, Blanche Salii, Karmin Kib, Leila Akira, Fuana Ilab, Sherry Wright, Yuria Techur, Norita Edburg, Kalista Smau and Lori Isao. (PR)