Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Dil Odesangel Club conducts coastal cleanup

The Dil Odesangel Club (DOC) members from Koror and students from Peleliu Elementary Students equipped headed to Taoch ra Sina at Ngerkiukl Hamlet towards Teliu Hamlet to do a coastal trash pickup last October 13.

A total of 66 trash bags were collected within three hours. Afterwards the students were treated to a swim at Ngermelt Pool.

In the evening, participants of the cleanup also gathered to share food and play fun games such as Hanafuda for Adults and Ping Pong for Youth.

A total of five teams competed for the Hanafuda while six teams also participated for the Ping Pong Challenge.

At the end of the challenge, the following were declared Champs and runner ups;

Hanafuda Challenge:                    Ping Pong Challenge:

Champs – Team “Sel Omei” (Yosko & Jeanette)         Champs – Pirates (Monte & Aliya)

2nd –   Koi Koi (Nora & Barbra)              2nd – Yankees (Mereng & Roman

3rd –   Born to be Wild (Lamilyn &Leon)           3rd – Rockets (Tayshaun & Kidkang

4th –   Odesangel Angels (Kitang & Eloreen)            4th – Souljers (Odilang & Kelungil)

5th –   Di Milil (Diltoi & Margie)                5th – Realz (Ayana & Lemau)

6th –    Diak a Chised (Norita & Tatio)                 6th – Warriors (Obi & Midol)

  • Save the Date November 17th – Championship Round between;

3 Teams – Hanafuda Adult Fun Challenge

Koi Koi (Nora & Barbra)

Sai Sei ( Ed & Umedip)

Sel Omei (Yosko & Jeanette)

3 Teams for the Youth Ping Pong Challenge

Rackets (Monte & Omtab)

Serves Up (Ubai & Spis)

Pirates (Monte & Aliya)

This project is made possible thru our funding from Republic of India – Year of Good Health Grant and the various business/state sponsors. (PR)