CRRF to Host Summer Robotics Class

CRRF to Host Summer Robotics Class

  15 May 2018

The Coral Reef Research Foundation (CRRF) in Malakal, home of the jellyfish wall, will host a free and open summer robotics class between 2-20 July for high school and PCC students, and interested adults.

Participants will learn how to design, build and program the three wheel “Land Shark” Autonomous Ground Robot vehicle, plus learn about underwater robotics via hands on activities.

The classes will be taught by Kevin Bowen of Porpoise Robotics ( Bowen is a retired engineer and computer development specialist who has had an impressive career managing advanced robotics programs for industry, government and military applications.

Kevin developed the training program, designed for beginners, and currently teaches it in numerous high schools and community college settings in the US. He brings a wealth of detailed and practical knowledge to Palau and this class can be the first step for local students to engage in a career in robotics and engineering.

Teachers and adults interested in STEM and robotics are invited to the first week of the robotics class; this training session is to encourage the use of robotics in schools.   The beginning class for 24 high school and college students will start on week two. Week three will be an advanced class for advanced students, or those who have completed week 2. Classes will be three hours a day from Monday-Friday.

Participants will learn basic electronics, such as Ohms Law, series and parallel circuits and volt and current measurement applications using a multi-meter. They will learn the tools, software and programs, such as Arduino Microprocessor and basic C++ programming, to design and build circuit boards used in controlling the robotic vehicle. This new information will be put to use by the students as they then create stoplight and range finder programs with the Arduino computer.  They will transfer the stoplight/range finder breadboard to the Land Shark vehicle and turn this code into a right/left turn signal and range warning. They will also learn how to program the car, ending in a “drag race” and demolition derby among the vehicles.

A variety of other robot vehicles will also be demonstrated, including quadcopters, two large Porpoise Cars and one Donkey Car, both using Raspberry processors, and an underwater robot, Open ROV v2.8.

Schedule- classes will be 3 hours per day:

Week 1 (July 2-6, 2018): Teachers and adults interested in robotics and STEM (12 participants)

Week 2 (July 9-12, 2018): Beginner’s class for high school and college students (24 participants)

Week 3 (July 16-20, 2018): Advanced class for high school and college students (24 participants)


If you are interested in learning robotics and STEM, please sign up!  Interested students and adults can sign up at the PCC Online Lab (see Johvanna) or contact CRRF directly at 488-5255 or  The class will be held at the CRRF lab on Malakal.  For more information check us out on Facebook at CoralReefResearchFoundation. (PR)