Wed. May 27th, 2020

Cop under probe for allegedly punching foreign worker

Vice President and Justice Minister Raynold Oilouch said that police are now investigating the incident involving a presidential security guard who allegedly punch a foreign worker over complaint on change.

In an exclusive interview with Island Times, Oilouch said that the investigation needed to be carried out first to be able to get the full details of the incident before the management decides what disciplinary measures will be taken against the cop.

“We cannot immediately take action. We have to wait for the investigation to take place so we’ll know the seriousness of the matter, the incident, so we’ll know what appropriate disciplinary measures to take against the police officer,” Oilouch said.

“I’ve seen the pictures from the CCTV so I guess we cannot deny that it happened and of course, there are times we hear of an allegations of certain police officers taking place but we cannot simply base it on those allegations and take disciplinary measures against those officers we want to make sure that about the incident and verify, and get the full investigative report before we decide the appropriate action,” Oilouch added.

Oilouch further explained that if the result of the investigation revealed that the cop committed such misconduct, appropriate disciplinary measures will be carried out.

Island Times previously reported that a police officer identified by witnesses by the first name Douglas was caught by the CCTV camera in the act of punching a Bangladeshi worker at a store in Meyuns on January 6.

The CCTV footage showed the suspect appearing to have a confrontation with a Bangladeshi store worker. A part of the video showed the suspect trying to land a fist on the worker who was trying to evade every punch he threw. He managed to hit the Bangladeshi once in the face. The Bangladeshi did not sustain serious injury from the incident but had allegedly acquired a minor bruise on his face.

The questioned cop reportedly bought items from the store that were worth $4 and paid the cashier with a $100 bill and had received his $96 change before leaving the store. An hour after, the suspect came back to the store to complain that his change was short of $20. The workers then told the suspect that they wanted to review the CCTV first to verify the accuracy of his complaint but they later refused to give him the $20 he wanted to get when they claimed that the footage revealed that they had given the suspect the right change. This then allegedly angered the suspect which led him to throw punches at the Bangladeshi worker. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)