Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Cop in hot water with netizens temporarily removed from patrol work, firearms confiscated

Editor’s note: This article contains language that some readers might find offensive. Due to some complaints from our readers, we also decided to censor the cuss words quoted verbatim in the report.

The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS) said that it has temporarily removed a patrol officer from his original post and confiscated his firearms after he was previously slammed by netizens for throwing racial slurs against Bangladeshi workers in a social media platform.

Public Safety Director Aloysius Alonz, who was off island when patrol officer Jason Brel drew flak from netizens, said that he immediately decided to confiscate the officer’s issued firearms and moved him to the BPS administrative office under his supervision while waiting for proper disciplinary actions.

Director Alonz, in an interview, said that his action was in response to the concern of some citizens who were worried that the cop in question could not be trusted with a firearm given his recent demeanor.

“There is a due process so we have to investigate what really happened and until such time we will come up with appropriate punishment,” the director said.

Alonz also said that the Minister of Justice, who has the final authority to sign any sanctions or punishments to be imposed, is also currently off-island.

“As soon as VP arrives, we’re going to go through the process,” Alonz added.

Alonz said that he has personally spoken to officer Brel regarding the incident.

“I spoke to him (Brel). He realized that but he went way overboard, so he will be punished for it,” Alonz reiterated.

Netizens previously bared the screenshot of the Facebook post by police officer Brel who narrated how he cussed at a Bangladeshi at HA Store who just happened to greet him, “Ungil suelb e Obekuk (Good afternoon, big brother).”

In the post, the police officer described an unnamed Bangladeshi worker as “the ugly, bekeriamel (having strong, bad odor), short f**k*n Bangladesh.”

“I honestly almost died…so I told him ‘f**k you…don’t ever call me obekum you ugly mother***ing Bangladesh…I’m not your brother you iligal s**t…F**k you [sic]…,” he said in the post which appeared to be already taken down from his Facebook wall but had already spread like wildfire as netizens already took screenshot of the actual post and had been sharing it on social media.

“F**k all you illegal Bangladesh and your Bangladesh recruiter…You will d*e like meianmar style, you better go home [sic],” he added in the post.