Christian churches in PNG ready to combat sorcery related violence

  19 Jan 2018

PORT MORESBY, 18 JANUARY 2018 (POST COURIER) — Christian Churches in Papua New Guinea have welcomed the call by the Prime Minister to assist in addressing the increase of sorcery-related violence in the country. [restrict]

This was revealed by senior clergyman from various denominations affiliated with the Body of Christ (BOC).

BOC deputy chairman Pastor Wilson Michael said sorcery was a spiritual matter and churches are the only institutions well versed in such matters, thus they have an upper hand in dealing with the issue comfortably, compared to other institutions.

He said as such, they are now appealing to the government and other stakeholders to partner with them.

“The church understands spiritual matters better than any other government institution, therefore we ask that any resources and logistics be provided to churches in hotspot areas of sorcery-related violence,” he said.

Ps Michael said the issue must be addressed as soon as possible, because it is affecting the country and its people.

“If there is anything to be done, it has to be done quickly. The church is ready and willing to partner with the government,” he said.

Ps Michael said that the Bible is very clear on sorcery, and there are ways to deal with it.

“The church has the capacity to address the issue of sorcery, and the Bible has records of such cases, so the church is ready to help,” he said.

BOC chairman, Ps Joseph Walters said that the first step is for all Christian Churches in the country to work together regardless of their denominational differences.

“This is a national issue of great concern that demands the unity of the body of Christ like never before,” he said.

The group also appealed to the Department of Community Development, Religion and Sports to make time available to meet with BOC and discuss ways to combat the issue.

Last week, ten men were charged with attempted murder of Margaret Sipa the woman who was accused of practicing sorcery at 8 mile, in Port Moresby.

The ten were part of the 12 men who were captured by police after an intensive search by the NCD Taskforce last week after the attack on Sipa.

Sipa was accused, assaulted and tortured a week ago after two women accused her of causing their illness when they began feeling sick…. PACNEWS [/restrict]


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