Thu. May 28th, 2020

Chief Justice Ngiraklsong under medical care

Back row (left to right): Chief Justice Craig Coxhead, Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, Lord Chief Justice Owen Paulsen, Justice Daniel Goundar, Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek. Front row (left to right): Chief Justice Sir John Muria, Chief Justice Carl Ingram, Justice Mataomaile Tuatagaloa, Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer, Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong, Chief Justice Dennis Yamase, Chief Justice Filimone Jitoko.

Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong of Palau’s Supreme Court had fallen ill and is under medical observation at the Belau National Hospital according to information released by Palau Supreme Court yesterday.

“Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong fell ill yesterday while playing tennis.  He is currently under observation and medical care at the Belau National Hospital and updates will be provided as they become available “ stated the press release from the Judiciary last night.

Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong heads the third branch of Palau’s government, the Judiciary, which interprets the laws of Palau.  Chief Justice Ngiraklsong is the second appointed Chief Justice of the Republic of Palau, appointed in 1992 after the death of Palau’s first Chief Justice Mamoru Nakamura.