Tue. May 26th, 2020

“Bul” on Jellyfish Lake lifted: Koror HOTL cites study as basis for reopening

Over a year and five months after a traditional decree called “Bul” was issued to order the closure of the famous Jellyfish Lake following the vanishing of its millions of Jellyfish population, Koror’s House of Traditional Leaders has opted to lift the Bul on Wednesday, October 17, citing positive development based on a scientific study by the Coral Reef Research Foundation (CRRF).

In a public announcement, Koror’s House of Traditional Leaders, the Rubekul Oreor, stated that the decision to re-open the Jellyfish Lake was based on a scientific study by the CRRF which it claimed to have confirmed that the lake’s temperature has normalized and that the jellyfish has returned.

The number of jellyfish population, however, was not indicated in the announcement.

Island Times tried to get the side of the CRRF to confirm the status of the lake but was told to come back to their office next week, pending appointment for interview.

“It is now up to the conservation and law enforcement of Koror State to do their part in monitoring traffic to the jellyfish lake,” the public announcement reads.

On May 1 last year, the Rubekul Oreor has issued the Bul on the lake in an effort seen as a means to revive the golden jellyfish population – an act that previously caused disagreement between the elected Koror State government officials and the traditional leaders.

Island Times previously reported that the previous Koror State administration had opposed the closure of the lake, asserting that only the state government and legislature have the legal authority to regulate it. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)