Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Boy’s death inspires “Don’t Drink and Drive” campaign

File Photo: DeWill Statue

A statue built for DeWill Reklai, the boy who lost his life to a drunk driver 11 years ago, was lighted with candles on December 21 to commemorate his death and to remind the public of the cost of drunk-driving.

A group of Palauans and foreigners commemorated the 11th year anniversary of the death of a boy who lost his life to a drunk driver by conducting campaigns against drunk-driving and holding candle lighting on December 21.

DeWill Reklai, a boy who lost his life after being hit by a vehicle driven by a drunk driver 11 years ago, inspired his family and friends to form an organization called DeWill a Klenger Foundation to constantly remind the public about the cost of drunk-driving.

The group gathered at DeWill’s statue in Koror which is situated near the spot where he died.

Pearl Marumoto, a member of the DeWill a Klenger Foundation, said that the group has been doing the campaign every year whenever the date of DeWill’s death anniversary approaches.

“We launched the DeWill2live campaign to deter people from drinking and driving through the holidays,” Marumoto said.

The group has been very active in promoting their campaign this month, bringing along with them placards with shoutouts that remind the public about the bad effects of drunk driving.

Every Christmas season, the authorities and different organizations are on full alert as it is during this time when drunk-driving-related incidents are prone to happen.

DeWill was on his way home from school 11 years ago and was riding his bike when he was hit by the vehicle driven by a drunk driver. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)