Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

Bills amending FY 2019 budget adopted

The House of Delegates (HOD) has adopted the bills amending the Fiscal Year 2019 Unified Budget Act to include appropriations for capital improvements in the states of Melekeok and Ngarchelong, to define the allocation of funds intended for field trips to Southwest Islands, and also to allocate $141,000 for the Ministry of Health to contract two dentists.

House Bill No. 10-101-8, HD1 states that the authorization and appropriation of funds for the contracting of two dentists to work under the Division of Oral Health is of the utmost importance.

“The two dentists will serve the Republic by providing critical and specialized dental services, along with developing a training program to recruit and train local residents into dentistry,” the bill reads.

Meanwhile, Housebill No. 10-101-8, HD2 seeks to include appropriation for capital improvement projects in Ngarchelong and Melekeok, citing that such will help further the country’s goal of building a “fully sustainable Republic.”

The proposed amendment seeks to authorize $200,000 for Ngarchelong’s capital improvement projects while another $200,000 is also proposed for Melekeok’s.

An additional amendment also wants to include appropriation for at least four trips to each state of Sonsorol and Hatohobei to “promote fairness in providing…necessary transportation services.” (Rhealyn C. Pojas)