Thu. Oct 24th, 2019

Big crowd in Remengesau’s Ngatpang state visit

The 2019 Presidential State Visits began on Tuesday with a first stop to the western Babeldaob particularly the state of Ngatpang.

A capacity crowd filled the state building annex to hear President Remengesau and national government officials discuss and field questions about their respective agencies. The state’s two-week old government was also able to discuss with the national leaders their priorities during the coming four years.

Discussions covered a wide range of topics and issues, including: Social Security, Pension Plan, Renewable Energy, Palau National Marine Sanctuary, Pristine Paradise Palau, Education, Marine Law Enforcement, Airport Renovation and Expansion, Agriculture and Aquaculture, Housing Program, Renewable Energy, Solid Waste Management (New National Landfill in Aimeliik State), Capital Improvement Projects (Road Improvements), upcoming major events, and others.

A majority of the three-hour town hall style meeting was devoted to questions, providing a forum for state residents to ask the various government offices about programs and services affecting their lives.

A dominant issue concerned the national government policy to convert 45 percent of its power source to renewable energy. PPUC officials responded that it continues to work with the Olbiil Era Kelulau, the Office of the President and other relevant partners in pursuing solar energy which will reduce the cost of electricity to its customers.

Public Health officials also updated state residents about the ongoing Dengue fever outbreak, which stood at 76 cases as of Tuesday night. However, except for a few who remain admitted at the Belau National Hospital, the rest have recovered.

The state visits with planned meetings in Ngchesar and Aimeliik States this week. (PR)