Around 700 attended 8th Japan Fair

Around 700 attended 8th Japan Fair

  06 Mar 2018

  The 8th Japan Fair attracted more than 700 people who witnessed various Japanese cultural presentations at the Ngarchamayong Cultural Center last February 25.

Among the participants who graced the event were Minister of State, Honorable Faustina Rehuher-Marugg and Former Ambassador of Palau to Japan, Dr. Minoru Ueki.

Palau Japanese Language School opened the stage with a momotarosan story which is a well-known Japanese children’s story that is also known in Palau. They also sang a famous Japanese song titled ue wo muite aruko, known around the world by the title sukiyaki song.  This was followed by the performance of the members of the  Palau Judo Federation, who showed their hula hoop jumps called mae ukemi and other judo techniques. [restrict]

Kinoken group, in their colorful kimono, performed several kinds of dance and songs, such as folk dances from Kumamoto and Okinawa prefectures. They also demonstrated calligraphy on stage accompanied by a chant.

Laugh-Laugh-Tei group also performed Rakugo, a Japanese comical story-telling. They also did a workshop on stage where they invited volunteers from the audience to perform with them. A 5th grader from Airai elementary school, Mr. Meluu Rubario, went on stage and did a great job in mimicking the performer and received cheers and laughter from the audience. Another member of Laugh-Laugh-Tei entertained the audience by using a bamboo instrument called Nankin Tamasudare.

Artist, Mr. Tomoya Uemura showcased his Japanese and Palauan-themed artworks and also conducted art workshops. Participants experienced coloring elilai (plumeria) and sakura (cherry blossom) flowers with water color paint.

Participants also had the chance to try on yukata (Japanese summer kimono), write their names in kanji at the calligraphy booth and to do origami and other activities. [/restrict]

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