April 2018 visitors greater than same month last year: PVA stats

  15 May 2018

Although the number of visitors for the month of April had showed a slight decrease when compared to last month, statistics of the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) revealed that its number is greater compared to the same month last year.

A total of 10,337 tourists visited Palau for the month of April this year which is short of 687 visitors when compared to last month but 455 greater when compared to the data for the same month last year.

PVA’s current statistics revealed that China is still Palau’s strongest market this month with 4,275 tourists followed by Japan with 2,567 (a decrease from 3,319 last month), South Korea with 1,127, Taiwan with 830 tourists, USA/Canada with 709 visits, European countries with 422, and the rest of the nationalities comprising the remaining 428 number of tourists.

Chinese tourists, usually fly through carriers Air Explorer, Lanmei, and Small Planet.

Although tourists from Asia composed the bigger chunk of the tourist arrivals for the month of April, tourists from European countries and the United States tend to stay longer.

European tourists tend to stay the longest in Palau with 9.1 average length of visitor stay (nights) followed by the US/Canada with 7.0.

The current statistics also showed that Palau is more popular to tourists who are in their 30s as they composed 28.3% of the total number of tourists for April, followed by tourists with ages 18 to 29 years old. (Rhealyn C. Pojas/Reporter)







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